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1-wire problem - Again

Mick Sulley
Hi People,

Looking for suggestions here.

My system runs on a Raspberry Pi with a Sheepwalk RPi3 adapter and RPi3a
splitters giving me 8 busses, with about 20 temperature sensors and 6
I/O modules, all powered.  I was having a few problems loosing one or
more busses, after some investigation I split the power so I have a
power supply for the Pi and a separate supply for the 1-wire.

I had been running without any problems for the last couple of weeks,
until today, when again it locked up, lost all channels. That has
happened 3 times today.

When it happens running owdir returns the standard /uncached /settings
/system, etc but no devices.  Reboot makes no difference, power cycle
and it all works again.

I swapped the RPi3 adapter for a spare after the second failure, so I
think that is eliminated.  I have checked syslog, nothing significant
there.  1-wire is running at 4.95v which I would think is OK.

My own logging shows this sort of thing, this is for DHW_Top, it is
repeated for the other devices

     <class 'pyownet.protocol.OwnetError'> [Errno 2] legacy - No such
entity: u'DHW_Top/latesttemp'
     <class 'pyownet.protocol.OwnetError'> [Errno 1] Startup - command
line parameters invalid: u'DHW_Top/power'

I don't understand how it can run for about 2 weeks without a fault and
then have 3 in a few hours.

Any ideas what the problem could be?  How to fault find further?

One further thought, I have one temperature sensor which would work
sometimes but for periods of sometimes several days I could not read
it.  Is it possible that that single sensor could bring down hte whole
network?  I have just disconnected it.

Any suggestions gratefully received


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