DS2483 with 2 GPIOs on Asus wl-500gP

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DS2483 with 2 GPIOs on Asus wl-500gP

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I have an Asus wl-500gP router running OpenWrt kernel  3.10.49.
As the router does not have I2C I am using "I2C over GPIO". I have connected two pins with the DS2483 (+5V powered). Aditionally a parasitic DS18B20 sensor is hooked up on the DS2483 IO.
I have loaded owfs 2.9p5-1 and I am not able to see the 1-wire bus nor the sensor.
owfs -d /dev/i2c-0 /tmp/1wire   or owhttpd.....    delivers

DEFAULT: owlib.c:(56) No valid 1-wire buses found

I have the relevant I2C packages loaded, seeing the I2C-0 device and the SDA/SCL definitions:

i2c /dev entries driver
[   34.570000] Custom GPIO-based I2C driver version 0.1.1
[   34.600000] i2c-gpio i2c-gpio.0: using pins 0 (SDA) and 1 (SCL)

I can manually drive the GPIOs high and low watching a multimeter.

OWFS does not see the 1-wire bus at all. Please give me an hint what to look for or what to test further.
I tried with --w1 also, but no success (I am not sure if that option makes sense). Regards wireshark