Handling timeout with EDS OWSERVER ENET v2

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Handling timeout with EDS OWSERVER ENET v2

Simon Haslam

I've got a couple of EDS OWSERVER ENET v2 1-wire bridges, used for temperature monitoring and controlling a heating system via an 8 channel I/O board driven by a DS2408 (made by, the sadly departed, HobbyBoards).

The polling nature of the ENET makes controlling the relays a bit tedious (due to the caching and not being able to set one PIO bit like you can with owfs), so I've recently tried connecting owserver to it.

What I'm finding though it I keep getting timeout errors:
CONNECT: ow_com_write.c:(177) [Broken pipe] Trouble writing to x.x.x.x:8080

I think this is because the ENET closes the socket 30 seconds after it has been idle. From the manual:
"When a TCP connection is made, the OW-SERVER-ENET-2 stops polling 1-Wire devices and waits for commands over the TCP connection. If 30 seconds elapse without any commands, the OW-SERVER-ENET-2 closes the TCP connection and resumes normal polling of 1-Wire devices. Optionally, the user may send a quit command to avoid the 30 seconds delay."

I'm now reading a temperature every 25s to keep the connection open, but is there a simpler way? E.g. can I tell owserver to quit the connection cleanly after I've done my read/writes?




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