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Dr. Trigon
Hi Matthias

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>Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2016 01:25:34 +0200
>From: Matthias Urlichs <[hidden email]>
>Subject: Re: [Owfs-developers] MoaT tests
>To: [hidden email]
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>On 24.10.2016 00:49, Dr. Trigon wrote:
>> Hmmm. So an Arduino Uno would not work?
>The hardware would work. It's 16 MHz and 5V.
>> Would any board from the Arduino product line
>> be (easily) usable?
>Probably. 3.3V boards are not recommended. Other than that, I don't see
>a problem.

That's very good news so I'll test on an Arduino UNO first - that's easy. ;)

I opened an issue in M-o-a-T/owslave as I got an error during compile time. May be you can have a look. Seem to be known but I could not figure out what a proper solution is.

>NB: your email program destroys the information which text you're
>quoting vs. what you wrote yourself. Your emails are thus needlessly
>hard to read. Please fix that.

Sorry for that! Have to admitt that I had a slightly unconventional workflow for those 3 mails, so that should not happen again. Actually I checked quoting before sending - but got fooled. ;)

Dr. Trigon

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