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Re: latesttemp does not work on DS18B20

Henrik Östman
Thank you Jan for taking time too look at this!

root@raspberrypi:~# owserver --debug -c /etc/owfs.conf 2>owserver.log
libow version:

I executed the two commands then shut down the process. I have TAR-ed
the files and attached them to this mail.

// Henrik

Den 2016-08-20 kl. 01:12, skrev Jan Kandziora:

> Am 19.08.2016 um 20:44 schrieb Henrik Östman:
>> One of my temp-sensors was defect so I switched it out for a new one,
>> but then my application started to spew out exceptions when trying to
>> read the temperature from the sensor.
>> After some looking and scratching my head I noticed that the new sensor
>> was an DS18B20 where all my other sensors was DS18S20.
> No DS18B20 here to test it myself. You have to assist.
>> I went lowlevel with owdir and owread and this is what I found out:
> Please stop your normal owserver, then run one with
> $ owserver --debug <--my-hostadapter-options> 2>owserver.log
> $ owread -s /uncached/28.3F28AE060000/temperature12
> $ owread -s /uncached/28.3F28AE060000/latesttemp
> I need the owserver.log to find out where it failed.
> Kind regards
> Jan


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