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Some updates

Christian Magnusson

Checked in some updates to the cvs now. It seems to be even more
stable after removing and inserting USB adapters now.

Added dependencies to ../../../owlib/src/c/ to rebuild binaries
when modify owlib when --disable-shared is used.

Some updates connected to the reconnection of a USB adapter. Had to add
locking around usb_find_devices() and some other stuff. Removing 2
and inserting them at the same time crashed the server.

Removed some unnecessary shallow copies of pn.

Updated some UCLIBC things. I wanted to remove the call to
__pthread_initialize(), and every pthread features seem to work when I
moved around some of the startup code and changed the optimization
I didn't even need the PTHREAD_MUTEX_ADAPTIVE_NP mutexes anymore on the
Coldfire board. Haven't tried it on the WRT54G router yet though.
Have tried to find a small uClibc memory leak for WRT54G and Coldfire,
therefor some of the other strange changes. There are no leaks for my
Coldfire board now at least, but haven't tried the WRT54G router yet.

Christian Magnusson <[hidden email]>

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